"Now I can look at battery percents 24/7!" - Anonymous fox

All popular operating systems can battery percents on taskbar by default. All, except of Windows, for some reason. Yes, you can hover mouse over battery icon, or just click on it and see remaining charge. But is it convenient? Of course not! That's why I wrote a program, which solves this little problem.


Yes, there are a lot of solutions already, but I didn't found any, which would look nice. Battery programs always have some weird-ass design, which looks bad and doesn't really fit Windows look. They also often got a ton of features which are pretty useless for me.


So, my program does two main things: it shows battery percents and looks good with other tray icons. Just pin it into tray, move next to default battery icon and dance in happiness. And even if you don't like default Windows date font, you can make your own and give it to Battery Bud.

But wait! Since 1.2 update there is even more! You know, it happens sometimes. Windows tells your battery is almost dead, you click OK and continue to watch that important video, until the laptop suddenly shuts down. But fear not! Now Battery Bud will ring the alarm when battery will be lower than certain percentage. You can set it yourself, or disable feature completely.

DOWNLOAD (v 1.2)

Bitbucket page

Windows 7/8/10